I’m Brannigan, a massage therapist in Portland, Oregon.

My journey into massage work was a bit unconventional. I started out in the banking industry, and after seven years, I needed a change. I took a mind/body connection class, loved it, and decided to go to massage school. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I graduated from the Myotherapy College of Utah and am licensed to practice massage in Oregon, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina. I’m also certified in spinal touch therapy and acutherapy.

My massage practice is a bit unconventional, too. I focus on anatomy and how the mechanisms of the body work together to help people overcome injuries, chronic pain, and physical limitations. Many of my patients are athletes, surgeons, and musicians whose livelihood depends on keeping their bodies loose and limber. I love educating people through massage work and teaching them techniques for long-term health.

In addition to my own clinical practice, I do sports massage at golf tournaments, marathons, and other athletic events, as well as film and music festivals. I’ve also taught massage classes, run clinics, and managed off-site events.

My free-spirited nature creates a relaxed environment that will put you at ease, while I help your body work through all its aches and breaks. So whatever you’ve got going on—whiplash, running injuries, a tight lower back from a long commute—contact me for an appointment. I love a challenge, and I’d love to get you back to doing what you love to do.