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Acutherapy is a treatment that stems from the Chinese medicine art of using acupoints to relieve distress. Brannigan utilizes the classic principles of acupuncture combined with a clinical approach to address the complexities of her client’s health issues. 

Acutherapy is performed by using the fingers to press on key points around the body to help with pain relief and muscle relaxation. It can be used on trigger points and soft tissues. As the acupressure is applied, the pain signals to the brain are interrupted and relaxation is encouraged. 

Benefits of this type of healing massage:

Improve recovery time after injury

Reduce existing scar tissue

Reduce muscular tension

Increase blood flow

Treat pain & muscle tightness

Acutherapy helps relieve overall muscular tension. When muscles are dealing with a build-up of lactic acid from injury or fatigue, they contract together causing tightness and pain. Once pressure is applied to muscles and trigger points, blood flow improves and the temperature of muscles is raised, causing them to relax and allowing a greater range of motion. 

Acutherapy can also help recover time when dealing with illness – because it stimulates the meridian pathways it promotes cellular rejuvenation and can prevent illness from occurring. 

Acutherapy can be used to treat many common muscle groups, including those in the:

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