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"In 2013, I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, along with two bulging discs in my lower spine that were pressing against my nerves. I had two back surgeries in nine months, and after my second surgery, I was experiencing extreme pain. The doctors recommended more medication, but I knew there had to be a better approach. Brannigan suggested spinal touch therapy. I went to her once a week for the next six weeks, and by the end of that time, I was able to move better and was no longer in pain. Because of her, I have not been to a back specialist for over four years and no longer take any pain medication. Massage therapy changed my life and brought true healing to my body. I highly recommend Brannigan to everyone I talk to and am so grateful for her holistic healing."
– Aimee Diaz
"Brannigan’s massages are life-changing! Sometimes, there are magical healers who can work wonders. I have received hundreds of massages over the years, and Brannigan is set apart from the rest. During my time with her, the first thing I look forward to is the blend of aromatherapy she chooses intuitively for each session. Next is her ability to sense where the pains and aches are, as well as the vibes of stress. She eliminates them all. I have created ideas, dreamt of the future, and released aches in every session with her. You will leave your appointment feeling pure joy. If you want to take care of your body, her massages do that and more, making you feel lighter and giving you an overall sense of well-being. Brannigan is a one-of-a-kind massage therapist. Her sessions are gifts to my soul."
– Michelle King
"I broke my neck in 2007, and since then, I have been through many massage therapists. Brannigan is without a doubt the most effective massage therapist I have ever been to, as well as the most dependable. When I regularly go to her for bodywork, my arms no longer go numb, and my overall quality of life is significantly improved. Thank you so much for your dependability and consistency, Brannigan!"
– Shelby Hilton
"Amazing massage. Brannigan is a true professional with the ability to pinpoint and work through problem areas without rushing the massage. I’ve had various back injuries through the years (mostly repetitive stress), and I commute to an office job where I’m sitting for 8 hours a day. I recently got back from a camping trip that left my back locking up, and I set up an appointment for a 90-minute massage. She thoroughly explained what she was doing and why in a way that I was able to understand. I walked out feeling pain-free."
– Spiro
"Brannigan is professional, STRONG, and knowledgeable! I walk into most massages feeling broken and leave every session feeling fixed. I come to her to help me recover from workouts, and I honestly feel like she totally puts my body’s self-repairing mechanisms on the fast track. Things that used to take a week to get over now take only a couple of days. She has the knowledge to seek out the deepest-set knots and the strength to break them loose. Brannigan helps extend my athletic career; I highly recommend her services to my active friends."
– Taylor Overmiller
"I would give her 10 stars if I could! Highly recommended. I suffer from chronic pain in my neck, back, and jaw. She knows just what to do and has helped me immensely throughout the years. I went to a lot of different massage therapists before her, and she is the only one I will ever go to again. Thanks, Brannigan!"
– Merissa Vosnos
"I’ve been going to Brannigan for almost a year now. I’ve noticed such an improvement in my overall well-being. Her style is unlike anyone out there. She focuses much more on physical improvement vs. relaxation, and I’ve loved it. Her office is very clean and provides for a great environment. She is very knowledgeable and informative. I would recommend her to anyone!"
– Chance Dane Jones
"I have had two back surgeries and suffered through tremendous pain. I started to get spinal touch therapy and was completely transformed. After going to Brannigan I stopped taking pain meds and was able to stop seeing my back doctor. I highly recommend her to anyone. Hands down best decision and investment."
– Aimee Luers
"Brannigan is an amazing massage therapist. She is so talented and always continually learning new techniques. Every massage from her has been the best."
– Mandy Tapp
"Much gratitude for Brannigan's talent. She knows what she's doing, is professional, and is compassionate. I'll keep going back!"
– Tiffany Maestas
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