Gua Sha Techniques

Reduce tension & move blocked energy

Gua Sha comes from a Chinese word for scraping and is often called skin scraping. Its roots lie in Chinese ancient medicine, where practitioners believe that a person’s chi or energy must be balanced and flowing freely to ensure health. Blocked chi was believed to cause muscle pain and tension. Gua Sha aims to move this blocked energy to relieve aching and stiffness in the muscles and joints. 

Benefits of this type of technique:

Relieve joint pain

Relieve muscle pain

May reduce inflammation

May reduce headaches

Get back flexibility & movement

During a Gua Sha treatment, the therapist uses a small tool with rounded edges to scrape the skin with smooth, firm strokes. After this type of treatment, many people have reported greater flexibility and less back and neck pain. Gua Sha causes microtrauma, or small bruises, that can help to break up scar tissue and can lead to an increased range of motion for painful joints. 

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