Deep Tissue Massage

Treat strains & injuries at a musculoskeletal level

Deep tissue massage is a well-known massage technique that is used to treat injuries and strains. It uses deep strokes to target connective tissues and inner muscle layers, breaking up scar tissue and adhesions. This will promote a release of muscle tension and stimulate your body to heal faster through increased blood flow and decrease inflammation. 

Benefits of this type of healing massage:

Lowers stress levels

Reduces pain & tension

Can lower blood pressure

Reduces scar tissue

Increases range of motion

Rehabilitates injured muscles

Helps relaxation through labor & delivery

Can lower heart rate

Get rid of painful knots & stiff joints

When you receive a deep tissue massage you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It helps to work out the knots from overworked muscles and connective tissues, leading to reduced pain and inflammation. 

In addition, deep tissue massage can have positive psychological benefits and promote well-being. 

Deep tissue massage can help with:

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