Myofascial Release

Relieve pain in your connective tissues

Myofascial release therapy is a massage technique that relieves pain in the thick, connective tissues that support your muscles. These tissues are spread across your entire body and connect your muscles, joints, and bones. Myofascial pain is when pain occurs in a place where this myofascial tissue meets or crosses. 

Pain or tightness in your myofascial tissue can restrict movement and lead to widespread pain and discomfort. A trained therapist works to identify myofascial areas that are particularly stiff, and massage and stretch the tissue to eliminate knots. 

Benefits of this type of healing massage:

Improve range of motion

Reduce soreness

Aid in muscle recovery

Increase relaxation

Improve circulation

Reduce stress & anxiety

Reduce tension throughout your body

Myofascial release can help relieve tension and stiffness all over your body. The tissue often becomes tight in the following areas: 

Working with a trained massage therapist can help you get back your flexibility and get rid of sore muscles. 

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