Spinal Touch Therapy

Bring your bones & muscles into alignment

A powerful technique, spinal touch therapy helps retrain the body to achieve relaxation. When muscles are tight, they pull bones out of alignment, and the purpose of spinal touch is to guide muscles to realign. 

Through gentle, deep strokes, soft tissues will be redirected to move into normal alignment, affecting the body as a whole. 

Benefits of this type of healing massage:

Reduce headache & neck pain

May reduce insomnia

Improve digestion

Reduce joint pain

Increase energy & libido

Reduce balance problems

Reduce pins & needles

May help asthma symptoms

Undo spinal distortions

By working directly with the soft tissues, spinal touch therapy can undo tension and postrual distortions. You’ll feel more aligned and stress is reduced on joints throughout the body. 

Restoring your body’s center of gravity works holistically to correct tension that is pulling you out of balance, and change is often seen with just a couple of treatments, depending on severity.

Ready to feel better than ever?

Unwind, relieve pain, & relax

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